No drops yet in SoCal home values

I saw this article in Sunday’s Orange County Register Newspaper. I’ve known and respected the work of the author, Jonathan Lansner, for many years. He is right in his views far more often than he is wrong.

Basically, the good news is that now is a great time to sell a home. Prices have actually gone up, and homes are selling quickly.

All this is true, but please note his concerns.

  1. 1. In another article in the same paper, there is a reference to the fact that over 8% of all mortgage loans in the State are in “Forbearance”. At some point, they will have to consider ways of bringing these loans current, which may affect the market in negative ways.
  2. There is still very high unemployment, which again could influence sellers at some point to need to sell
  3. We are in July, which historically has been the last GOOD selling month of the year.

So, bottom line, if you are thinking of selling, right now may be the best time. Our experience with properties we’ve marketed recently has supported that.

There are buyers for your home now willing to pay an excellent price.

Please call us at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs.