When I first started reporting to you on our current crisis, I promised to be thorough and honest in my investigations and analyses. As a real estate expert and Nationally known real estate leader, I have access to real estate related information that you may not have. I always felt it was my obligation to present that information, good or bad, in a straightforward honest manner.

Well, as the title above states, most of the news is better than it has been. Let’s address a few subjects:

  1. Can you still buy?-Absolutely yes. It’s necessary to plan ahead for showings and sign various disclosures, but yes you can look and buy. In fact, there have been so many recent advances in remote viewing that the process may actually be a little easier
  2. What about loan forebearance? Should I go for it? Yes and no. You will have to pay the amount owed eventually, although many lenders are minimizing the burden. If it is needed, definitely talk to your lender about your options.
  3. What about prices? Good news for sellers, here. Due to much reduced inventory, home prices are doing very well indeed. If you still have a reason to sell, by all means do it now!
  4. Are there showings and offers on existing homes? Yes. I had a home listed throughout the period. Showings have grown dramatically, and we just received multiple offers. There is much life out there!
  5. Does it make sense to own a home? More than ever! I have been selling homes in Orange County since 1978. I’ve seen many shortterm negative periods in real estate, but we survived and thrived through all of them. There is no more stable and secure investment than real estate. And, as many of us discovered the last few weeks, no better place to weather the hard times than YOUR OWN HOME!

As always, our goal is to be there to help you solve the problems and achieve the benefits from real estate for your families. Please call us 949-500-6365, Email, Instagram “FrankandSusan”, or our website,