Hot Off the Press! This Week’s Real Estate Update

As I’m writing this, I’m enjoying one of the first beautiful warm mornings we’ve had in months. I hope you are all doing well.

As I mentioned last week, Real Estate is changing in ways that will ultimately improve the market in many different ways. Some recent changes:

  1. Livestream Open Houses: We are able to conduct a live scheduled open house at a property, allowing you as a buyer, or your potential buyers if you are selling, to view a home without ever leaving your couch.
  2. Staging your home with no upfront fees: We can now provide you a complete staging of your home for your sale with no upfront fees.
  3. Complete financing, buying or selling process, escrow process, can all be done remotely. Also in process (and in effect in many areas) are remote Notary services.

Some other recent real estate items are worth noting:

  1. Greatly reduced interest rates: We will soon see 2.9% and lower interest rates on real estate loans. Last week, one of my clients closed a 30 year fixed rate refinance at 3.0%
  2. Many lenders are offering “Forbearance” of up to 3 months on your mortgage loan. It is important, though, that you understand how the loan will be brought current after the forbearance period.
  3. Visitor traffic to existing listings is increasing: This is partially the result of listing inventory greatly reduced. Also, prices have not gone down, but have held up very strongly. This would be a great time to sell!

As always, feel free to call, 949-500-6365, email, or reach us through our website,  for all your real estate questions or needs.

Stay well!