6 Things Home Cleaners Want You to Know


Whether you can’t stand cleaning your home or just don’t have the time to dedicate to it, there are professional house cleaning services available that can take the load off and handle the dirty task for you. Not only does it save you time, it can also save you a lot of headaches, too.

But just because you’ve hired someone else to clean your house for you doesn’t necessarily mean you’re entirely in the clear. There are still some things you should be doing to help make the job of the house cleaner easier, which can even end up saving you a little bit of money in the long run.

1. Provide Specific Instructions

Most homeowners who hire professional cleaners have a regular schedule that includes weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments that involve in-depth cleaning of every space in the house. However, if you have specific concerns or areas in the home that require special attention, let your cleaners know.

Maybe you’ve had overnight house guests that used the shower more often than normal, you might need a deep cleaning job done in there. Or perhaps you just hosted a party over the weekend that left a lot of stickiness to your floors. Whatever it is, let your house cleaner know exactly what needs more attention before they get there.

2. Don’t Expect Them to Deal With Extremely Disgusting Scenarios

Cleaning is not a pretty job. It typically involves scrubbing away at scum and caked-on debris that may not look or smell very pleasant. However, there is a limit to what cleaners will deal with. The average house cleaner will draw the line at cleaning any feces – be it yours or your pet’s – or other bodily excrement. Not only is this utterly disgusting, it’s also disrespectful to expect your cleaners to deal with that. 

3. It’s Not Their Job to Organize Your Things

Your cleaners are there to wash, dust, vacuum, and polish. They aren’t there to organize all of your things that you’ve left out. Don’t leave dirty clothes on the floor or clutter all over your counters. Leave these surfaces clear so that your house cleaners can clean them properly. If your belongings are scattered about, they will just get in the way of the cleaning job.


4. They Need Notice For Cancellations

House cleaners make a living off of the jobs they get. This is their livelihood, and they depend on the money made on these appointments to pay their bills. If you need to cancel a cleaning appointment, give them adequate notice. That spot that they had reserved for you could have gone to another paying client. If you need to stop services altogether, you should give them notice of at least a week or two.

5. They Need to Know What Products You Want Used in Your Home

Many house cleaning services may bring their own cleaning solutions, but if you want specific solutions to be used – such as organic or natural cleaners – you may need to supply these yourself. Some services may supply these types of cleaners, but there may be an increase in price considering these specialized products tend to be more expensive.

In addition, cleaners depend on the tools you have available to clean, including vacuum cleaners and steam mops. Make sure this equipment is in proper working order before they arrive.

6. Keep Your Pets Caged

If you have a pet that is not toilet trained or is known to be aggressive with strangers, keep them caged when the cleaners are at your home. Better yet, keep them out of the house altogether during that time period. Professional house cleaners are not there to pick up after your pets, nor should they be exposed to danger if there’s a potentially hostile animal in the house. Deal with your pets accordingly.

The Bottom Line

If you hire a house cleaning company, it’s their job to do what you’re paying them to do. However, you should still be respectful of these professionals and not make their job any harder than it has to be. A little common sense and courtesy can really go a long way.