7 Fastest Growing Cities in California


Getting into a city that’s growing at a faster pace compared to other areas in the state can be a good thing as far as increasing employment opportunities and a rise in property values are concerned. Many cities across California have been growing rapidly over the past few years, some faster than others.

There are various reasons for such population growth for the following cities, which are considered the fastest growing metropolises in the Golden State.

1. Lake Elsinore

This picturesque city is named after its 3,000-acre freshwater lake with the same name. While it started out as a small resort town in the late 1800s, Lake Elsinore’s booming tourist industry and its expanding infrastructure to meet future influxes of new residents into the city have led to a 16% growth rate over the last five years.

2. Beaumont

The name “Beaumont” comes from the French term, “Beautiful Mountain” given the location’s high 1/2-mile elevation. It spectacular elevations and landscapes have made it a popular destination for an increasing number of new residents, and the number of planned communities in and around the area has exploded over the recent past along with associated infrastructure improvements. Beaumont has experienced a 20.7% increase in population numbers over the past five years.

3. Lake Forest

Its two man-made lakes and forest of eucalyptus trees have created a highly attractive landscape for the city of Lake Forest. Thanks to its beauty, albeit not entirely natural, more and more real estate properties are springing up along it shores. It’s considered to be one of the safest cities in the entire country thanks to its well laid-out master-planned communities. According to Finance Department data, the population in Lake Forest has increased 3.7% since last year.

4. Irvine

With an improved economy and an uptick in new housing opportunities, Irvine has seen a boom in population over the recent past. In fact, it has spiked 18% since 2011. As more and more Californias come to find out about Irvine’s strong school system, new parks, and lower-priced homes, that number is expected to increase even more. 

5. Eastvale

During the 1990s, a trend started among Californians who started moving to once-rural regions, including Eastvale, to avoid the high price tag of homes in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Eastvale is an up-and-coming city, with its first city council elected by residents very recently in June, 2010, which came just before its official incorporation. That can largely explain why Eastvale experienced an increase of 3.8% in its population over the last year.

6. Porterville

Porterville was established during the gold rush, but after the quick influx of residents to the area, people started to become more and more familiar with all of the opportunities that were available with the region’s arable land. Agriculture continues to remain an important sector of the local economy here, even to this day. Many large companies have established roots in Porterville, contributing greatly to the local economy. Over the past year, Porterville has realized a 5.3% increase in its population.

7. Dublin

Dublin has consistently been one of the fastest growing cities in Alameda County over the past few years. It is considered one of the best cities in which to do business in the state. Over the last year, the population has grown 5.5%.

With population growth occurring at such impressive rates in these cities, there’s little doubt that property values will continue to increase rapidly as well. If there was ever an ideal time to buy into any one of these cities, now would be it, as this will provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of today’s prices that will undoubtedly rise rather quickly going forward.